First Aid Competition

On Thursday 23rd June 2016 four Ruislip High School students competed in the St John’s London Region First Aid competition for secondary schools. The competition was held at Bounds Green Scout Park and was designed to allow students to demonstrate their competency in realistic scenarios. 

Harry, 10S, Esme, 10S, Lily, 10B, and Lucy, 10A, competed in several events. They had three assessments on their first aid skills and team working abilities. In the team assessment they dealt with two unconscious casualties and a non-breathing casualty. The team was able to work together and prioritise treatment, as well as calling for an ambulance. The students then worked in pairs to treat bleeding to the hand and a burns incident. Various other workshops filled the time between assessments, the favourite being casualty make-up.

When all tasks were completed all the teams gathered in the hall. Lucy was selected as the best first aider of the day. The assessors said, “She showed good communication skills and competency.” Ruislip High School won the competition and was invited to the National Competition.

The St John’s Schools First Aid finals were held in Leicester on Saturday 9th July. The four Ruislip High students competed against other schools from across the country in three challenging scenarios, allowing the students to practise their knowledge in simulated situations.

They had three assessments which looked at their team building and first aid knowledge. For the team tests the students had to treat a drowned casualty and a severe bleed. The students were able to smoothly change between each other when practicing CPR. The pairs test was conducted separately, with Esme, 10S, and Lucy, 10A, treating a casualty with a severe allergic reaction and a witness who was having a panic attack. Lily, 10B, and Harry, 10S, treated a nosebleed and a casualty having a seizure.

The students were then invited to watch the other competition for the St John cadets, primary schools and Army Cadet Force who were also competing that day.

When all the competitions were completed and the scores collated, all the teams were gathered in the presentation area. Ruislip High School placed second, with an invite to compete next year.