Faraday Challenge

On Wednesday 17th May, ten students from Year 8 went to Vyners School to participate in the Faraday Challenge, a day focused around engineering for students. Schools were asked to engineer two prototypes using their knowledge of coding and engineering.

Eight teams competed on the day, two of which were from Ruislip High School. The students put their best efforts to the test as they collaborated together to plan, create and build functioning prototypes. At the end of the day, once the time limit was up, Ruislip High School students seemed to be among the best, with noticeably fantastic behaviour throughout the day and exemplary planning and teamwork during the tasks. Only the winner was announced on the day and unfortunately it wasn't Ruislip High; however, the team who placed second was only a single point behind (students from Ruislip High believe it could have been them!). The students showed true school spirit and congratulated the winners before heading back to school with their heads held high.