BIMA Digital Day

BIMA Digital Day is a one day programme for 11-16 year olds to provide an insight into a world of digital careers. Students compete in a sponsored, nationwide digital challenge for a chance to win £500 cash for their school and some fantastic prizes for themselves.

On 10th November 2021,Year 10 computer science students participated in a Dragon's Den's style competition for BIMA Digital day for a full day of workshops. The aim was to  produce a digital product using technology for WWF (World Wide Fund for nature).

This year's brief was:  "How can we use technology and digital solutions to make it easier for people to understand the true environmental footprint of products and services, allowing households, schools, universities and businesses to make choices that are good for the planet?". All students participated enthusiastically and came up with some innovative ideas in the short period of time that they had, not only to produce the pitch for their classmates but also to research, design and deliver those ideas.  

Some fabulous ideas included creating a VR city game to test and calculate carbon footprints, games and websites to educate about how we can contribute positively to reduce carbon footprints and make better choices. The winning team of the day consisted of the following students - Cameron, Kerrar, Prem, Raid and Imaan . They came up with three separate digital products as part of their main entry: a website called, "Environmental Footprint Tracker". This winning entry will be forwarded to the BIMA team where it will be judged by a team of experts.The final results will be announced in mid January so watch the space....

" Running the BIMA digital was an educational experience not only for the students but also for me; it was great to see the Year 10s think of some awesome ideas to make a positive a impact on the environment." Mrs Poddar

 " I liked working with my group by contributing with my ideas and then bringing them to life." Kimaya

" It was an excitable journey of learning new ways to protect our environment." Parveen

"It was a fun day, doing something different than what we do usually." Cameron

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