A-level Geography students enjoy residential field trip to Norfolk

A group of 16 A-level Geography students took part in a 3-day residential field trip to Norfolk in October 2021.

The aim was to study coastal change on the Norfolk coastline and for students to collect data for their independent coursework projects. This was the first residential trip the school has been able to run since the lifting of pandemic restrictions.

Students visited seven key sites from Great Yarmouth to Cromer. Fieldwork sites included Bacton, which has an important gas terminal receiving one-third of the UK’s supply. Here, students were able to see the results of a recent ‘sandscaping’ project which has added 2 million cubic metres of sand artificially to help protect the coastline, for a few years at least.

Mr Alison, Director of Humanities, said, “The students worked extremely hard throughout the trip and were tremendous ambassadors for the strong reputation of Ruislip High School. This was a fast-paced trip visiting seven locations over three days, and the students never tired of giving their best effort. I could not be more proud of them.”

Sophie in Year 13 said, “The field trip enabled us to apply our knowledge from the classroom into a real-world experience. We were also able to find out what people really think about where they live regarding coastal erosion and compare this with our prior knowledge.

Some of the best moments were when we drew our school name into the sand at the different locations, and having to keep a 30-metre tape measure under control with the strong winds and having to run with it so it didn't get stuck in the sand! As well as this, we also played games at the youth hostel and got to have a laugh over silly things we find

The Youth Hostel was a great place for us to stay. The accommodation and food were really nice and it was a good place for us to have our social time as we had evening study sessions."

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