A-Level Geographers Meet Marine Engineers on Field Trip

Year 12 enjoyed a chance meeting with some marine engineers on the A-Level Geography field trip which took place from Saturday 15th June to Tuesday 18th June 2019.

The students studied nine locations along the Norfolk coast considering how effectively the coastline was being managed in the face of severe erosion. At Bacton gas terminal, about 30% of the UK’s natural gas supply arrives from under-sea pipes. Students were assessing the defences here when they were approached by two senior marine engineers from Dutch company Van Oord. The engineers were very happy to answer students’ questions, and also explain the £18m ‘sandscaping’ project under way to give more coastal protection to the gas terminal.

One of the students said, “It was a very interesting trip. We found out why some settlements such as Bacton and Cromer seem to have lots of money being spent to protect them, while other locations such as Winterton and Happisburgh seem to face an uncertain future. Overall though we were left with the impression that humans can’t win against the sea where the geology is so soft as is the case on the Norfolk coast. The situation leads to tough management decisions and for many residents to accept the idea of coastal adaptation rather than coastal defence.”