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Volcano hike enjoyed by students as part of trip to Rome and Pompeii - posted 19th Oct

GCSE Latin and Geography students enjoyed an incredible trip to Rome and Pompeii from Saturday 19th October to Wednesday 23rd October 2019. One of the highlights was when students got to hike up Mount Vesuvius volcano near Naples, which has its summit crater at 1,281 metres above sea level. This is the volcano which famously erupted in 79AD destroying the Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

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Marcello Bovill

A-level results are announced - posted 15th Aug

Students at Ruislip High School have celebrated their A-level results with 71% of all grades at A*-C. Staff are delighted that the vast majority of students attained the grades needed to meet their university offers, including Biomedical Science at the University of Oxford and Medicine at the University of Plymouth. Furthermore, 22% of all grades were A*/A grades (or equivalent) and 7% of the cohort attained three A*/A grades. In terms of top grades, the school attained the highest number of A* grades to date; students attained 13 A* grades across nine subjects. 19% of the students who applied to higher education secured a place at Russell Group universities, including Physics at the University of Manchester, History and Politics at the University of Warwick and Politics at the University of York. Updated subject information can be accessed via the school’s website in the ‘about us’ section. 

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