Options 2020-2022

Key Stage 4 Curriculum 2020-22

There will be a number of compulsory subjects which students have to study as part of the National Curriculum:

  • English Language (GCSE) and English Literature (GCSE) 

  • Mathematics (GCSE)  

  • Science - Double or Triple (GCSE) 

  • Physical Education

All students studying Combined Science will continue to study GCSE Citizenship which was started in Year 9; this will NOT count as one of the option choices. Note: students studying Triple Science will have the option to continue studying Citizenship during after-school lessons. Decisions about which students will be studying triple/Double Science will be made during the summer term after the Year 9 exams.

In addition, students will be expected to study a further THREE subjects at GCSE level or equivalent. 

It is recommended that students select their options according to their recommended pathways following the guidance below:

Pathway 1: Include a language (French, Latin or Spanish)

Pathway 2: Include at least one subject from French, Latin, Spanish, Computer Science, Geography or History

Pathway 3: Include at least one subject from French, Latin, Spanish, Computer Science, Geography or History and also a BTec subject.

Although students will be studying THREE GCSEs (or equivalent) for options, they must choose FIVE in order of preference. This is to ensure that should the first three choices not be available, students have two other choices that can be studied. 

Students should make their choices in order from 1 (definitely want to do this option) to 5 (would do this option if the other choices are not available)

List of options subjects

Choose ONE subject from the left hand column and the remaining FOUR from the right hand column so you have FIVE in total




Computer science




Art and Design one of either:

  • Fine art 

  • Textile design

Computer science


Enterprise and Marketing (OCR National BTec)



Health and Social Care (BTec)



Media Studies




Travel and Tourism (BTec)

NOTE: Religious Education will be offered as a GCSE IN ADDITION to the three choices made from the above list. It would be an additional GCSE and would be studied in lessons after school. Please do NOT select it as one of the five option choices, but indicate in the separate table below the main options choice table. 

Whilst we aim to offer all the subjects listed above, it is possible that should we not have staff expertise in a particular subject, then that subject will not run. In addition, if a subject is not selected by a specific number of students then it may not take place. 

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information about Key Stage 4 courses. Ruislip High School reserves the right to alter any element described as the needs of a developing curriculum dictate.

Please email any queries to options2020@ruisliphigh.org.uk.