Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies - Years 7 and 8


In a time of diversity and social conflict, students need to have an understanding of the world, both in a local and global context. Within Cultural Studies students will develop an understanding of British Values and learn about different cultures within their local, national and international community. Students are taught how the law can protect and support and the consequences of breaking laws, how to recognise positive relationships and where to turn to for advice when needed.

We aim for students to be able to form an opinion on a variety of topics and consider alternative points of view. This allows students to develop life skills to empower them to succeed in the wider world and the skills to make their own decisions, avoiding negative pressures and the influence of others.

Key Stage 3


The Cultural Studies course helps students to develop themselves as people, and to understand themselves and others. It encourages students to be active citizens and to have a positive and lifelong effect on the local, national and international community. The course draws together themes from personal, social, health, religious and citizenship education.

By the end of KS3 students will have covered key themes from the RE, Citizenship and PSHE curriculum. Through the themes taught, students develop skills and knowledge that will empower them when making decisions.
Themes include:
Friendship; Diversity and Identity; Charities; Festivals of light; the roles and processes involved in Governments; different types of parties and leaders; Law and punishment - including the role of religion; how religion can influence someone's everyday life; and developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle now, and in the future.