Subject Murals

The corridors of Ruislip High School are the focus for an ambitious mural project.

The scheme involves adorning each corridor with a thought-provoking mural linking to each faculty or subject area.

So far murals have been created linking to science, English, geography, history, PE and psychology. 

Under the creative direction of Ms Hill, Curriculum Leader of Art, the murals aim to inspire students to think about each subject as they approach their lessons.

Each mural is the result of several days’ planning by curriculum leaders alongside student focus groups. The murals then take several weeks to produce, carried out by Ruislip High’s enthusiastic art club.

The murals are a regular talking point among the students and they have attracted high praise from visitors. Indeed, visiting speaker and BBC travel presenter Michael Palin liked the geography mural so much he insisted on taking a selfie with it to show his wife! The geography display, containing a quote from Palin, is just one example of the incredible murals made so far. It challenges students to think about the geography of their local area while also considering global environmental themes such as deforestation, the future of tribal groups, and climate change. The murals therefore really boost Ruislip High’s provision for SMSC (social, moral, spiritual and cultural) education.

Photo captions (from left to right): Psychology mural; PE mural and Geography mural with Michael Palin CBE