Student Leadership Team

The student leadership team is a body of approximately fifteen extremely reliable and dedicated students. They are selected in the March of Year 12 and serve until the March of Year 13.

The team perform a number of important tasks, including:

  • Mentoring students in younger year groups through academic and pastoral challenges;
  • Acting as ambassadors for the school at open evenings, parents’ evenings and presentation evening;
  • Chairing year team council meetings for younger students each half term;
  • Being on duty around school before school and during break and lunch times;
  • Speaking at major school events such as presentation evening and sixth form open evening.

Each year a rigorous application processes is followed. All applicants must fill out a detailed application form; they detail the skills, qualities and ideas that make them suitable for their chosen post. They are interviewed by members of the outgoing student leadership team. Applicants for Head Student are also interviewed formally in the Headteacher’s office.

The first event the new team undertake is the school’s annual talent show, ‘The R Factor’. The student leadership team help to co-ordinate auditions and host the event; this is a difficult undertaking for a new team! Following the outstanding success of the brilliant 2018-19 student leadership team, the 2019-2020 team has made a strong start, helping to make this year’s ‘R Factor’ a resounding success.

Photo captions (from left to right): Two of our current Student Leadership Team compering the school’s annual ‘R Factor’ show; Ruislip High School’s Student Leadership Team 2018 - 19 and Ruislip High School’s Student Leadership Team 2017 - 18.