Safeguarding and Equalities

Safeguarding Week

Safeguarding is a central element of all schools’ statutory responsibilities. Ruislip High School ensures students’ awareness is developed through its safeguarding week which takes place annually during the spring term. A number of guest speakers present information on a variety of topics ranging from the dangers of drugs and alcohol to FGM (female genital mutilation).

This year, the keynote speaker was Alison Cope, the mother of the late Joshua Ribera who was fatally stabbed in 2013, aged 18. Since her son’s tragic death, Alison Cope has worked tirelessly to share her son's life and the tragedy of his death to educate young people about the consequences of youth violence.

“I thought the whole of Safeguarding Week was good. I got a lot of information and getting the word out amongst young people is a good thing.” Lennon 8F

“I felt really bad for Alison Cope and what she has been through. I learned a lot and feel knife crime is a much bigger problem than I realised.”  George 8S

Equality Week

The school’s Equality Week is held annually in the autumn term. This week provides opportunities for all year groups to develop an understanding of race, culture and equality through tutorial activities, workshops and talks from guest speakers. Following the school’s involvement in the Drayson Project, the Equality and Diversity Committee has remained committed to improving gender balance. This year, during Equality Week, they presented an assembly on their success in convincing Argos to reflect and start advertising toys with gender neutral themes.