Student quotations:

"Let's Think lessons help to enhance your imagination. They get you to share your ideas and explore new worlds." Hiruni 7W

"They're enjoyable lessons because it gets your brain thinking and pushes you." Mia 7W

"Fun and helpful." Logan 7W

"You get to do more independent thinking and work in Let's Think lessons." Morgan 7W

Staff quotations: 

"Being metacognitive is an interesting process as we first need to consider how we think/plan/devise/scheme (if we are that way inclined!) before we can apply those processes to our practice. Unlike a technique or strategy that can be adopted easily, it challenges the way we conduct our lessons and by doing so, changes the way our students learn and (more importantly) their awareness of their own learning. They become more open to exploring their thoughts and deciding for themselves the best way to approach any given task. Researching and applying what I've read has transformed my teaching, improved the progress and confidence of the young people and ultimately created an environment whereby we can explore learning together." Mr Jose 

"Teaching Let's Think English lessons is a challenging combination of meticulous preparation, planning and questioning to pose cognitive challenge to students and elicit development of thought. However many times I have taught particular Let's Think lessons, however well I plan in advance, the students will always surprise and challenge me in return with their answers, questions and considerations." Ms Keenan