Exam Results

GCSE Exam Results 2018

Ruislip High School's GCSE results are in line with the excellent results achieved over the last three years.

The school’s headline figures remain exceedingly strong and reflect the students’ and teachers’ hard work. This is the first year that the majority of subjects have joined English and mathematics in meeting the challenge of the reformed GCSEs in terms of linear examinations with numerical grades; staff are delighted that nearly all students who had applied to the sixth form attained the grades to progress to the Level 3 courses.

 Performance at the top end continued to be strong with 17 students, equating to 10% of the cohort, attaining seven or more 7-9/ A*-A grades. Two students, Olivia Gaffney and Jacob Gillman, attained five of the new 9 grades; this is an outstanding achievement given the reduced number of students nationally being awarded the grade 9 compared with the A*. In total, 27 students attained 5 or more 7-9/ A* grades.

Updated subject information can be accessed via the school's website in the ‘about us’ section.

A-level Exam Results 2018

Students at Ruislip High School have celebrated their A-level results and the school is delighted that the vast majority of students achieved the grades necessary to meet their university offers. Students have been offered places on courses at a number of prestigious Russell Group universities including Physics at the University of Nottingham, Psychology at University College London and History at the University of Warwick.

Student quotations

Michelle, one of a number of students who achieved straight A/A* grades, said ‘I’m overjoyed to have surpassed my expectations thanks to the dedicated support of my teachers. I can’t wait to read English Literature at the University of Birmingham.’

Shannon, who also achieved straight A/A* grades will be studying Linguistics at the University of Sussex, said ‘I couldn’t be happier about my results and I owe so much of that to my subject teachers. Thank you Ruislip High for supporting me through the UCAS process and helping me to achieve my goals.’