A-level results 2019

A-level results 2019

Students at Ruislip High School have celebrated their A-level results with 71% of all grades at A*-C. Staff are delighted that the vast majority of students attained the grades needed to meet their university offers, including Biomedical Science at the University of Oxford and Medicine at the University of Plymouth. Furthermore, 22% of all grades were A*/A grades (or equivalent) and 7% of the cohort attained three A*/A grades. In terms of top grades, the school attained the highest number of A* grades to date; students attained 13 A* grades across nine subjects. 19% of the students who applied to higher education secured a place at Russell Group universities, including Physics at the University of Manchester, History and Politics at the University of Warwick and Politics at the University of York.

Student quotations 

Hannah Alcock 
‘I feel delighted to attain A*A*A and I will be reading Biomedical Science at Oxford. I want to thank the school for the support they have given me for the past seven years; the help has been constant, particularly the guidance through the application process. I want to thank all my teachers, particularly in Science, for their enthusiasm and support. I am incredibly excited about starting at Oxford. Its beauty and academic prestige is exactly what I had hoped for.'

Marcelo Bovill 
‘I feel happy and relieved and I can’t believe I attained straight A* grades and am going to study Physics at the University of Manchester. And today is my birthday! I would like to thank all of my teachers, particularly Mr Gould for all of the support he gave me in Physics, and Dr Lecky for her constant guidance and inspirational leadership. I am excited for the challenge ahead.’

Zoe Yikuno-Amlak 
‘I am delighted to attain A*A*A and will be reading medicine at the University of Plymouth. It hasn’t really sunk in yet! I am grateful for everything the school has done for me and particularly Ms Dhaliwal who has been there for all of the highs and lows and helped me with every step.’